mixed media

Floating Memories, 2022

Floating Memories is a paper weaving that has woven strips of a photo polymer plate relief print and suminagashi (marbled ink) daily calendar pages. The piece captures moments of time and place through warped and distorted images of interned Japanese Canadians and Americans during the Second World War. Sumingashi used on the calendar pages comments on the floating memories that many Japanese Canadian internment camp survivors aimed to forget. Fujimoto is a grandchild of Japanese Canadian incarceration camp survivors and acknowledges the importance of remembering and learning their family history on Turtle Island.

Untitled (7 calender days), 2021

Forbidden Fruit, 2020

flat cord, hot glue, felt

Hanky Code Project, 2022

naturally dyed handkerchiefs 

Yellow with white stripe, 2022

turmeric dyed handkerchief with hand stamped white line using white relief ink

w/ floral pattern, 2022

smashed marigolds and other found flowers and berries on cotton handkerchief 

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